7 Restaurants That Accept Credit Cards For Orders Less Than P250

Casual Dining Restaurants such as Pancake House, CPK, and T.G.I.Fridays are restaurants that provide table service with moderately priced food.   Fast Casual Dining Restaurants are a mix of Casual Dining and Fast Food, requiring you to line up and order your food, and then wait for your food at a table.  Some examples are Shake Shack and Pepper Lunch.  Almost all casual dining restaurants accept credit card as a form of payment, due to the price range of their food.  But there are a number of fast casual restaurants and fast food joints where you can use your credit card for meals under P250.

My previous blog was about accumulating miles by swiping whatever can be swiped.  And eating out is one of my favorite ways to do that.  I try to stick to a P200 budget everyday at work.  This consists of  an iced coffee or milk tea, plus merienda (since I bring my own lunch).  For the days that I don’t buy a drink, I usually treat myself to a solid merienda- preferably in places where I can use my credit card.

Whether you are accumulating points on your credit card, or just don’t have cash when you want to eat, feel free to swipe your card (as long as you stick to your budget! ). Here are 7 of my favorite fast casual/fast food restos that accept credit cards, in no particular order:

  1.  Bonchon – Their boxed meals are P155, which includes a drink.  Or sometimes I order Chapchae (P79) and Chicken Poppers (P75) for a heavy snack.
  2.  SNR – My favorite combo to order is a Pepperoni Pizza Slice (P109) and a 1pc Chicken Rice w/ drink (P105).  Plus you still get a discount if you show your membership card.
  3.  Tim Hortons – This is a perfect place to get BOTH an iced coffee and a snack.  Their combo meals range from P230-280.  Plus, you can get a free donut if you answer a survey from a previous transaction.

    Tuscan Chicken Panini, Potato Wedges, and an Iced Coffee


4.  Yellow Cab – Their menu includes MyMix Combos (Pizza Pouch, Wings, Pasta), MyWraps, and MyBrunch, all for less than P200 each.

5.  Army Navy – Burritos, Burgers, Tacos, Freedom Fries, Libertea.  *Burp*

6.  Nanyang – Formerly known as Toast Box, this Singaporean Restaurant is a little pricier than the restos mentioned above.  But you can get a Kaya Toast Set (with a drink and 2 soft boiled eggs) for less than P150.



7.  McDonald’s NXTGEN stores – These branches don’t just have a huge screen where you can place your order.  You can also pay with your credit card for value meals.

I get that it’s a little embarrassing to use your credit card for purchases less than P200.  Or that it may feel like your credit card could be hacked in a McDonald’s store.  But for me, a couple hundred miles or rewards points is worth a little shame (which is really invalid shame) and a little risk.


*BONUS CONTENT* for those that read all the way to the bottom

For those that use FoodPanda and Grabfood, there are a lot of restaurants where you can buy food with your card for less than P100.  There are a lot of FoodPanda partners near my office, so I choose to pick up the food and save on the delivery fee.

For Grab, you can now use your GrabPay Credits to purchase food.  This means that you have to load/cash in with your credit card.


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