My Earnings From Shopback After 6 Months

Shopback is one of the more popular cashback apps in the country, if not the biggest. Its current partners are some the largest online retailers and websites such as Lazada, Shopee, Agoda, and Foodpanda. In order to earn rebates, all you have to do is click on the link in the Shopback App, instead of buying directly on a website or an online app.

One should definitely use Shopback if he or she already uses online apps such as Lazada, Shopee, FoodPanda, etc. If you’re gonna shop splurge online, you might as well get as much cash back as you can. I wish I learned about Shopback earlier, since I had already been using those apps a lot.

Right now, I only use it for FoodPanda and Lazada. I used to earn from Eatigo (P18 cashback) and Grab (P5 off each ride) before, but they are no longer affiliated with Shopback.

My total earnings after 6 months is P2,063.28. Around 1/3 (P600) of that was from Shopback itself consisting of 3 referrals and two P150 bonuses. I actually earned more from Foodpanda than Lazada, since I only purchase Pampers from Lazada and I really order a lot of take out, which I wrote about in my previous post.

Here are some random tips to make the most out of Shopback:

  1. Delete the actual online App so that you don’t forget to use Shopback. There were 2 or 3 instances where I opened the FoodPanda App instead of the Shopback App, and missed out on earnings rebates.
  2. Compare discounts from the other websites/apps with Shopback. For Agoda, they sometimes offer a higher rebate if you book directly with them. Some websites/apps will not allow you to combine their discounts with Shopback.
  3. Don’t shop for something just because of the rebate. This is more a budgeting tip, rather than an App Specific tip. Sorry. But yeah, don’t get carried away with all the discounts! I stick to pampers from Lazada and food delivery (mostly weekends) from FoodPanda. Personal “needs.”

I am impressed that it took them only 2 days to deposit my rebates in my BPI account. You can start withdrawing if you have at least P200 confirmed redeemable – meaning your transaction has been confirmed by the merchant. It will be harder to earn another P2,000 in cashback in the next six months without referral bonuses. Also, my oldest son doesn’t want to wear pampers anymore in school (woohoo).

But of course my goal is not to accumulate as much rebates as I can – it is still the boring stick to my budget and buy “personal needs” only (Army Navy Burritos Please), saving little by little over time. Because every peso (de bola) counts.

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