My Bloody Stocks Portfolio Oct 2019

Last year, I talked a bit about my stocks here, and that I intend to prepare for retirement through it. I’ve been meaning to post about my portfolio in detail for a WHILE now. But honestly, I was just secretly waiting for it to improve from the significant paper losses.

Anyway, after 6 years of “investing” in the stock market, my total paper loss is 41%. Yup. 41%. Like I wrote in my other post, this was driven by TEL (PLDT), with a loss of 59% as of today. I added all my realized gains, meaning the actual profits I made from selling, plus all dividends received, and it is only around 47% of my total paper losses.  Meaning, FOR EXAMPLE, if my paper losses are at P100,000, I have only actualized P47,000 in profits – for 6 years. Discouraging :(.

Here is a screenshot of my portfolio:


*I would die of embarrassment or shut down this blog if I had to show the actual amount of losses per stock. *

I like keeping 5-6 companies in my portfolio to maximize gains. So far, I have been maximizing losses (paper!). I picked MAXS, MPI, and LTG because they were recommended by my online broker and a blog I follow –  I bought C (Chelsea Logistics) and AXLM because of the hype and I personally like subscribing to IPO’s.  AXLM’s IPO listing date is actually today, and it ended 7% down.  Just my luck I guess.

Asides from not diversifying and letting my emotions get the best of me, here are more reasons for my portfolio’s performance so far:

  1.  I sold too early – Instead of letting my gains grow and hit the recommended target prices, I sold them at meager profits.  This also was credited to me not controlling my emotions.  But once a stock breaks a certain resistance or all of a sudden surges, it is recommended to let it reach at least 20% gains.  Or in my case, at least more than 5%.  Sigh.
  2. I did not stick to the plan – I trusted the broker picks for which stocks to buy, but I did not trust the target prices set.  Although not all stock recommendations by brokers are accurate, I still didn’t have the conviction to hold certain stocks and eventually missed out on several opportunities to realize profits.
  3. I did not invest regularly and in small portions – If I had extra money, I would buy a lot of stocks at one time to cost average a losing stock.  I added so much shares when TEL (PLDT) started to decline – not expecting it to further decline in the next years.

But then again, I can’t let my emotions drive my decisions or suddenly think short-medium term.  I obviously can’t give you tips on how to make a killing in stock trading/investing.  I can only share my mistakes, which are obviously the opposite of what other finance gurus teach.  I am, however, still excited to turn this portfolio around slowly.  Even if it takes another 6 years. Everyone has their own personal investment story.  Hopefully mine has a happy ending.

2 Replies to “My Bloody Stocks Portfolio Oct 2019”

  1. Hi sir,

    I had my fair share of stock losses in the past. I never liked the feeling of seeing my portfolio in red or selling at a loss. It was so stressful, although my investment may not be relatively large. A good mood can be turned instantly to a bad feeling when you see the market drops.
    So I’ve promised to myself to never expose again my core net worth to the volatility of the stock market. I still recognize the profit potential of stock investing so I still invest but only a small amount, maybe 5% of my net worth (although I exceeded that because I susbscribed to $axlm and $home)

    The market has tamed my risk appetite so since then, i build my retirement through investing in our coop, our provident fund and mp2 which pays relatively lower return than stocks but keeps me sane every day.


    1. Agree sir. And thank you for sharing your insights. I stopped adding to my stocks and just reinvest my dividends and whatever I get to sell. Looking at other options for retirement such as Pera and that mp2 you mentioned


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