Snapcart – A Cashback App for Receipts

I came across Snapcart from a blog I read last April. The article featured three cashback apps, and this was the one that caught my attention the most. There are a lot of cashback apps out there, but this one seems to be the most simpe. Snapcart allows you to earn money from taking pictures of all your receipts. Yes, that’s all you need – receipts.

How to Earn from Snapcart:

  1. Download the app and set up your account details.
  2. Earn coins by uploading receipts, answering surveys, or watching videos.

3. Use the coins to play Snaptastic, which is a simple spin for a prize game. This is where you can earn money (mostly cents) or more coins. There is also what they call a “Super Tile,” where you can win up to P3,000 (only P150 as of today).

How much I’ve earned so far:

Before you rush to download the app and wish for thousands of pesos, allow me to share my earnings: A whopping P62.37! All in 4 months and 521 accepted receipts. That would be equivalent to about 12 cents per receipt. Whew. That may seem like too much work for such a nominal cashback amount. But for me, I’m enjoying uploading all the receipts I can with the hopes of one day (ONE DAY!) winning that super tile.

Bonus App Feature:

Snapcart automatically calculates your total spending per category based on your uploaded receipts. When you snap, you have to note WHO decides on that purchase, and WHAT type of establishment that receipt is from (Supermarket, Clothing, Restaurant, etc.). This makes budgeting easier since it also acts as an expense tracker.

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