Sulit vs Lugi Feb. 2019

The last post on this monthly series was August because of a serious family emergency, which I wrote about briefly here.  I wasn’t able to consciously note the significant Sulit (good buys) and Lugi (ripoff) buys in the past months.  I just listed below the ones I remember and consider worth sharing:

Sulit Buys:

What: Family Size (14 inch) Pepperoni Pizza from Angel’s Pizza


Cost: ₱235 each for 2 if you have the Loyalty Card, which was practically free.

Why:  Even though it comes out cheap compared to other competitors, the quality was not sacrificed (For me the 2 for ₱55 from Pizza Hut isn’t THAT GOOD). The garlic powdered chewy crust of Angel’s is ADDICTING.


What: Solo Recliner Couch (SM Store)

Cost: ₱12,600


Why: Original Price was ₱18,000 – 30% discount. The cheapest La-Z-Boy recliner couch is around ₱30,000.  My wife and I would have a hard time sleeping with our newborn in the old couch. Both my back and arms would be painful in the morning. With the new couch, it felt like I was sleeping on a bed.  Priceless!


What: Netflix Subscription (Standard HD Plan)

Cost: ₱460

Why:  My free 6 months from Globe expired late last year, so I started paying a couple of months ago. If you’ve tried it, I feel like there’s no need to explain how Sulit it is. If you have no idea what Netflix is, it would be better for you to get the free trial so you’ll have a better idea.  It would come out expensive if you subscribed alone, but there are plans that allow up to 4 devices, so you can share with your family and friends.

Now for the Lugi buys:

What: Pik-Nik Cheeseballs


Cost: ₱144 (SM Supermarket)

Why:  Too Salty.   It’ the same price as a bag of Lay’s or Doritos, but the quality was nowhere near.


What: Hello Panda

Cost:  ₱44  (2 for ₱88 at Daiso)

Why: I thought everything at Daiso was cheaper.  The same box of Hello Panda costs only ₱30 in SM.  I could have had 3 Hello Pandas.

What: Corned Beef Saute from Cafe Via Mare

Cost: ₱320

Why: The corned beef was actually good and the serving was generous. It’s like corned beef from Jollibee but 3x the serving.  It just didn’t feel like a sulit buy.

That’s all I can recall at the top of my head. Of course we spent a lot for our newborn baby, such as pampers, a bassinet, bottles, etc.  But I feel anything baby or child related is justifiably Sulit, no matter how expensive they can be.

This is a light and fun activity for me.  It shows how I value items personally, plus it reminds me to be conscious of what I buy – because not every purchase is a good buy. Again, what is Sulit for me may not be Sulit for others.  Because personal finance is still that – Personal. 🙂

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