Spend Less on Food with Honestbee, Foodpanda, and Grabfood

Ever since we brought our baby home from the hospital, we’ve been ordering food through Honestbee, Foodpanda, and Grabfood. At least twice a week for 3 months to be exact. Sometimes 5 or 6 times a week depending on stress levels and promos offered. Since we couldn’t go out on weekends with the baby yet, this was more than just a convenience (weekends are the helper’s day off, and my wife and I don’t cook).

I think the apps are cool and here to stay because of its efficiency and how much people love eating out. You can track your order and actually see where the rider is on a map. The downside is some orders can take up to 2 hours, the food isn’t always fresh, and the restaurants can cancel your order. But for me, those are outweighed by many advantages, including saving money. Here are some ways you can save money with food delivery apps:

1. Promos from the App itself – Most apps offer a discount for first time users. They also offer payday promos, holiday promos (New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc.), and referral promos. Foodpanda is the only one of the three that offers a ₱180 voucher for both the referror and referral. I told my wife to use my referral code, so we got an instant ₱360 in vouchers. For Grabfood, you may have to check your notifications in the app for promos. I don’t know if something is wrong with my phone, because notifications from the app or texts about promos did not appear, even if I turned them on in the settings.



2. Promos from Credit Cards and Other Partner Brands – I started using Honestbee and Foodpanda because of credit card promos. The discounts from my BPI and Citi cards were ₱150 and ₱200 off at that time. These were for a one time use only and for a minimum order of ₱500 or ₱600. Globe also partnered with Foodpanda and offered ₱200 off a minimum order of ₱400 – not bad. This was available for about a week and had no limit. I’m not sure if it was a glitch, but I used that promo almost everyday during the promo duration. This was something I had to control, because I would have ended up spending beyond my budget. Remember, you don’t have to purchase something JUST because it’s on sale.

3. Miscellenous Expenses – If you go out just to eat, you can spend up to ₱200 in miscellaneous fees such as parking, gas, public transport fares, and service charge (for casual dining restaurants). I don’t have to reiterate how costly parking and gas have become now. The food delivery apps charge a delivery fee up to ₱49 (₱35 for Foodpanda), which is still cheaper than going out. Plus, you can easily be tempted to spend more on shopping or for other random items when you’re out.

4. Your Valuable Time – Whether you order from home or the office, you could spend the time waiting for your order doing something productive – as opposed to getting changed, driving to the restaurant, and waiting at the table for your order. For me and my wife, we could be playing with our kids or washing their bottles while waiting. If you’re at the office, you could obviously be doing more work or conducting a meeting while waiting.

Our weekend budget of eating out is ₱2,000, so we were able to save every week due to the promos and other misc. expenses saved. Saving around ₱200 to ₱400 every week may sound small. But doing it for 3 months, or even a year, could add up to substantial savings. Eating out is a major chunk of one’s budget. For some, it’s the biggest expense every month. So any opportunity to cut down on this expense will go a long way. Except for my milk tea. There’s no cutting out my milk tea yet. Happy long weekend!

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