When My Emergency Fund was NOT Enough for an Emergency

My 5 month Hiatus from blogging was due to an extreme emergency. A life or death kind of emergency. I won’t go into detail on what happened, since I want this to be a purely personal finance blog. The short (blog version) story is that my wife had to undergo an emergency C-section because her dengue had affected our baby’s heartbeat. Our baby was only 32 weeks old at that time. There were a few complications with my wife after the operation. Dengue plus a C-section – a rare but apparently deadly combination. Our baby wasn’t in good condition too, and was in the Neonatal ICU for 2 months.

This was a pretty extreme emergency, and we did not have an extreme emergency fund. Our emergency fund and what we saved up for the delivery were wiped out in less than a week in the hospital. *This hospital in BGC has a policy to ask for payment if it reaches a certain threshold even if you are not being discharged yet* CRAZY STRESS. I find it ironic that my previous post last September was about insurance and parenthood. I was able to use my health insurance (P200K coverage each) for the dengue and neonatal (premature) related costs, but it was far from enough to cover the running bill. My wife’s health card was not accredited at that hospital, but her company had made an exception due to the circumstances. Her company would shoulder a certain amount and then treat it as an emergency/salary loan. This was such a huge relief.

grayscale photo of baby feet with father and mother hands in heart signs
Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt on Pexels.com

I hope those 250 plus words made sense. I apologize if my ideas are all over the place. It’s been a while since I opened my laptop to write! 🙂 Let’s go back to the topic and discuss one valuable lesson me and my wife learned in this extreme situation:

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for financial assistance – When my wife’s close friend asked her how she could help, my wife did not know how to answer. I told her it was okay to ask for help, or indirectly mention how insanely costly the bill was. Of course this was her friend, and not mine. I’d definitely be too proud to ask my friend. My wife did as I told her, and the financial gift we received from that friend actually surprised us. She was one of the many people who had generously given to me and my family. This experience of lack or debt had actually opened me and my wife’s eyes to see how blessed we really are. The support and love of family, friends, the local church, and even our companies (bosses) – something money can’t buy.

We are slowly recovering physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. And I can’t wait to continue sharing my personal finance experiences.

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