Sulit vs Lugi Aug. 2018

It’s the end of August, which means its’ time for me to share any notable sulit (good buys) or lugi (ripoff) purchases within the month.  If you missed my introduction to this series you can read it here.  Although this month felt so long, there weren’t many items to enumerate.

Let’s start with the sulit buys:

sulit buy

What: Uniqlo Tshirt for Kids

Cost: P190 each

Why: We bought it on sale from P290. It is also cheaper than most shirts in the SM Store.

What: Parking at NAIA 3

Cost: P480 for 36 hours

Why: My flight was 5:30 AM, so I had to leave around 3 AM. The cost of a taxi would probably be at least P300. I landed around 2:30 PM the next day, and the taxi going home would be another P300. Not to mention the hassle of booking and waiting. The first 24 hours is P300 (P12.5 per hour), and the cost for every additional hour after that is P15.

lugi buy

Now for the Lugi buys:

What: Big Grill from Bulgogi Brothers

Cost: P1,695

Why: More like Small Grill. It was good. But not worth the price in my opinion.



What: Fresh Spring Roll from Pho Hoa

Cost: P175

Why: This is actually one of my favorite dishes.  However, the serving was basically 1 (kinda long) spring roll cut into 8 small pieces.  An order of Gyoza worth the same price feels more sulit.  I still love Pho Hoa, and would still probably order this again when I feel like “splurging.”

That’s all for this month.  If you want to share any of your sulit or lugi buys, feel free to share them in the comments.

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