GMovies Promo: How much are you really saving?

The GMovies App or Website allows you to buy movie tickets online and proceed straight to the cinema area.  You can also select your seat number in the App when you purchase online.  Aside from skipping the line, the GMovies App allows you to view movie schedules, rate movies, and even earn points.  I was able to use the App a few weeks ago with a promo from Citibank.

ScreenHunter 11

The above ad caught my attention.  A movie ticket is usually less than P300, so to get P300 off your first GMovies transaction sounded like a good deal.  But of course there was a catch:  this particular promo applies to a minimum of 4 tickets.  For 2 tickets, you get P100 off, while there is no promo for singlet tickets.  The bigger catch is the convenience fee of P25 per ticket.  (I don’t understand why they have to charge a convenience fee, when you are practically doing most of the work).  So when I purchased 2 tickets, the total cost included a P50 total convenience fee.  In short, the promo is really just P50 off for 2 tickets, and P200 off for 4 tickets:

ScreenHunter 12


Of course, we still got to save money – P50 or around 9% to be exact.  But a big factor why we decided to watch a movie that day was because of the promo.  When you buy something just because it’s on sale, it is actually an expense.  If an item is 20% off, you are not saving 20%, but you’re spending 100% of the cost, especially if you don’t need it.  In our case, one could view it as spending P550, as opposed to saving P50.

If you are planning on getting tickets with the GMovies app, whether with a promo or not, take note that of the P25 convenience fee per ticket.  I browsed through the terms and conditions on their website, and the convenience fee was not disclosed.  As for me and my wife, there were no regrets at the end of the day.  Because Tom Cruise is still a movie star, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout was definitely worth it!

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