How my Globe Bill went from P799 to P1,827

My current phone plan comes with the following: Unli Calls to Globe & Text, Spotify Premium, 5GB Data, and 1GB Facebook. A Sim Only Plan for P799 a month. Last June, I was shocked to see my phone bill more than double.

There were times where I would be charged on top of my plan for a few calls or texts. But to be billed an extra P1,000 was crazy.

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When I opened my bill, the excess charge was related to data usage. I wouldn’t monitor my data usage since I am not a heavy data user and barely maximized my allowable mobile data. I was going to call Globe and complain, but my wife googled the rates and found out that Globe charges P2 for every MB in excess of your plan.

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So that means I used up an extra 500MB of data for them to charge me an extra P1,000. Insane. That is about 30 minutes of YouTube on 4G (High Five to the parents out there who let their kids watch on their phone). To put things into perspective, a GoSURF pack worth P50 will give you 1GB to use in 3 days. That is a ridiculous 5 cents per MB. Here is a table to show how much other surf packs charge per MB (Not including freebies):

ScreenHunter 08

I was furious when I saw their website stating that their Bill Protect Limit was placed at P1,500. Is an extra charge of P500 not shocking enough? Is any one willing to pay P2 per MB? If I call their customer “care” hotline and tell them I didn’t know, will they refund me? I thought about it long and hard, then decided to just pay the bill because:

  1. Globe disclosed the cost on their website.
  2. I should have monitored my internet usage
  3. I should have subscribed to a GoSurf pack when I was nearing my maximum allowable data.
  4. This was obviously a PENALTY FEE, and not a regular charge for data usage. An exaggerated cost of a penalty.

Lesson Paid. I mean, Lesson Learned.
To check your internet usage, you can dial *143#. Follow the instructions leading to internet mobile usage, and you will receive a text showing you how much MB of data you still have left. You can also call their customer care hotline for details.

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