Overpaying a Bill in the BPI Online App

The BPI online app is a convenient tool for doing your banking. From transferring money to paying your bills, the online features create a lesser need to go to the bank. It’s 24/7 banking on the go.

However, depositors are still not exempt from system glitches, cyber crimes, and even user error. Last April, I accidentally added a zero to the amount that I was paying to a certain enrolled merchant. The amount I was supposed to pay was around 10% of one of my bank accounts. So when I added the extra zero in error (yup do the math. Or just add a zero to 10%?), I was shocked. What a careless, costly mistake.

pay bills

I went to the branch that day to explain my situation to see if the transaction could be reversed. They instead called the BPI hotline 89-100 for me so there I was explaining my blunder with people listening around me. Ughhhhhhhhhh. They instructed me to email a scanned copy of a signed letter detailing the request for reversal. I got an email 4 banking days after, saying that my letter was received. The bank then forwarded the request to the merchant. I was told the SLA was ten days, but it will depend on the merchant. In my case, it took 16 banking days for the reversal. Phew.

Here is a step by step procedure on how to request for the reversal of a payment error in the online app:

  1. Call the BPI hotline at 89-100 and press the number for Internet and Mobile Banking (#3 as of today). Explain your concern to them and they will provide a service request #.
  2. Email a signed letter to documents@bpi.com.ph, with details of your request for reversal. The subject of the email should be the service request # provided by the customer service rep.
  3. Wait for the confirmation email. Once they receive the letter, they will be responsible for reaching out to the merchant and request for the reversal.

If you have any other concerns with your online banking, I’m pretty sure you can just dial their hotline and talk to a customer service representative, no matter how big or small your issue is. As for me, I was very pleased with their efficient process, especially since this was my fault. My next blog should be about saving up for Lasik surgery, so that this mistake doesn’t happen again. *facepalm*

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