Sulit vs Lugi Jul. 2018

This is a monthly blog series I am starting that takes note of any purchases in the month that are either sulit or lugi. For notable buys that I perceive to be good deals, or getting more than what I paid for, I will label as sulit. While the items that I feel are not worth it, will be tagged as lugi. This can apply to anything: food, drinks, clothes, appliances, and any other random things. The cost can be as cheap as P10, to as much as P10,000 (hopefully none). Of course this is subjective, depending on my preferences and perspective on the value for money. There are no limits to the count, meaning I can enumerate as many sulit or lugi buys as I want. And depending on the result, I can conclude how wise or unwise my spending was for the month. Yes, super shallow.

Let’s start with the Sulit buys:

What: Uniqlo Polo


Cost: P590

Why: My budget for polos for work is around P500 to P800, and those are usually on sale. This Uniqlo Polo was not even on sale, and I like the design and quality. Plus 2.90 SM Advantage points. 😉


What: Back Massager

massage cropped.png

Cost: P3,200

Why: First of all, this was bought by my wife from a sale in her office. I am allergic to “wants” that are more than P1,000, so I semi frowned when she told me how much she bought it. But when I tried it, I didn’t want to stop using it. It is like one of those electric massage chairs, except you just strap it around any chair and move it up or down. She said it costs P4,200 at Watsons, but whatever marketing strategy they’re using on us, this is obviously cheaper than paying for massages in the long run.


What: Kidz Republic Unlimited Play Voucher from Metrodeal

kids republic

Cost: P199

Why: We had let our son play here several times already, but only for 1 hour, which costs P280. He never gets tired, so we bought 5 vouchers and planned to use it weekly.




Now for the Lugi buys:

What: Passion Fruit Mountain Tea from Coco Fresh Tea and Juice

Cost: P95

Reason: They were a newly opened branch and I had to wait for an hour to get my drink. But the real reason is I found it too sour and hard to finish. This was also my first time to try passion fruit the fruit.

What: Salpicao Rafael from Banapple

Cost: P320

Why: The serving was relatively small, probably less than 10 small pieces of beef. Nothing special tastewise.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of my food/drink. That makes it 3 sulit buys versus 2 lugi buys. Again, these are all personal opinions. What is a good buy for me, may be a bad buy for others. Personal finance will always be personal. As for me, I am going to celebrate the WIN with an unlimited massage.

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